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Choices at 16

(Sep 2006) Careers Video "Choices at 16". (22 Ten Productions)

Focus Music

(July/Aug 2006) Production music for "Kids TV" Album. (Focus Music)

Artful Production Music

(Mar/Apr 2006) Production music for TV and film - Acoustic instrumentation. (Artful Production Music)

USA television programmes

Jan-Feb (2006) Music by Matt Norman has featured on the following USA television programmes: "78th Annual Academy", "Baby Story", "Skating with Celebrities".

Corporate video

(Jan 2006) Corporate video - Promotional film for Babcock PLC. (22 Ten Productions)

Comic Relief DVD

(Sep 2005) Comic Relief DVD - Fair trade promotional/educational DVD. (22 Ten Productions)

The Dark Heart of Italy

(Jun 2005) BBC 4 Documentary "The Dark Heart of Italy". (Insight Television Ltd)

BBC 2 Factual "Coast"

(Jul 2005) BBC 2 Factual "Coast" - Orchestral/Cinematic style music.(BBC)

Advert demo

(July 2005) Advert demo - Renault Modus (Publicis Ltd)


(May 2005) "Irresistible" - Film music in a romantic comedy style for orchestra and jazz musicians. (West One Music Ltd)