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21st century Shark

(April-May 2008) "21st century Shark" completed for National Geographic/Parthenon Entertainment. This documentary follows the trail of the Tiger Shark and was produced in 5.1 and stereo formats.

New tracks from Silverscore Productions are featured on the Artful Production music CD's "Solos" and "The Funk Collective ".

Humpbacks- Cracking the Code

(Jan-Feb 2008) "Humpbacks- Cracking the Code" - 5.1 surround sound wildlife documentary for National Geographic/Parthenon Entertainment. The music production for this film involved epic orchestral and science based electronic instrumentation.

Music for De Wolfe Music

(Sep-Nov 2007) Matt has been working on Production Music for De Wolfe Music, Focus Music, Artful Prodution Music & Media Tracks Music libraries. Projects include orchestral movie styles, solo instruments and electronic soundscapes for science and technology media.

Bandits of the Selous

(Aug 2007) "Bandits of the Selous" - wildlife documentary set in East Africa. Audio provided in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound formats. (Parthenon Entertainment/Animal Planet)

Coast 3

(Aug 2007) "Coast 3" Music by Matt Norman has featured on the latest series of Coast on BBC2.

Ultimate Journeys - Florida

(Jul 2007) "Ultimate Journeys - Florida" documentary for Parthenon Entertainment.

This is Your Life

(May 2007) "This is Your Life" returns! Coming soon to ITV. Theme music arranged and produced by Matt Norman.

Isis Media

(Apr 2007) Matt has recently completed incidental music for a television show "First Dance". (Isis Media)


(Mar 2007) Advertisement (Sky)- "Easy Food" an online food company (360Red Productions) - Orchestral/cinematic.

Programme themes for CRO6

(Jan 2007) In production -  Programme themes for CRO6 a Czech national radio station.