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Alien recording session

It's been a very busy start to 2015! Matt recently visited a sci-fi themed film studio to record some of his orchestral music. He has also just started working on the score for a 90 minute wildlife film. More news to follow...

Theme tune on Channel 5

World War 2 in Colour now showing on Channel 5. Theme music and selected incidental music by Matt Norman. Please see the video page for opening titles.
Available for purchase here


Orchestral recording session

Matt's orchestral music being recorded for a documentary/current affairs project. The tracks are currently being mixed and mastered. More news to follow...

Best British advert 2013

Matt's music featured on this award winning Marmite Advert voted best advert of 2013 at the British Arrows awards this month. Matt is also working on a kids TV album and is in the final stages of an orchestral project.

Science, Maths and Nature

Matt is currently working on the score for a popular US science show. Other recent music usages include "Kingdom of the Forest" (Nat Geo Wild) and some happy acoustic music on "Nina and the Neurons" (BBC). He is also working on two production music albums involving live orchestra and electronic sound sources.

wildlife films on National Geographic

Wildlife documentaries with music by Matt Norman have been showing on international broadcast channels in the US, Finland, Hong Kong and Malaysia. "Sea horses: wanted dead or alive", "Bandits of Selous" and Humpbacks - Cracking the Code".

Other recent projects include piano based tracks and emotive music for drama and documentary. More news to follow. 

Stars, Science & History

Music by Matt Norman has recently featured on "Star Gazing Live" and "Dara O Briain's Science club" BBC 2.

"World War 2 in HD Colour" is currently running on Discovery History. Theme and selected incidental music by Matt Norman.


Nazi Hunters & Short Film

"Nazi Hunters" theme tune has been running on the Yesterday channel throughout October. Matt has also just completed the score for a short film. A romance between two teddy bears! Written for piano and small orchestra. He has also been writing and producing music for a new library company including orchestral, jazz and funk tracks.

Now playing

Now playing through August and September - "Giant Octopus" (National Geographic), "Hitler's Bodyguard"  (Yesterday) and "WW2 in HD colour" (Discovery). Matt has also recently finished some contemporary string tracks and minimal piano/acoustic music. More news to follow.

Science & Discovery

"Science & Discovery" now available for use in TV and film from West One Music. All tracks composed by Matt Norman. Featuring orchestral and electronic sound sources. Strings, brass and woodwind recorded by the Budapest Studio Orchestra and piano recorded at Air Edel studios in London.

Please audition here.